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Insiders Club Update

June 4th 2021 - CONSTANT CONTACT IS DOWN. If you have not received your email this is why. We will post an update as soon as they are back up.

For all Gmail Users: On April 1, Gmail started putting all our Email in their spam filter. It's quite annoying for sure. To get us back to showing up in your "in box" please white list us.
Here is how: open your gmail dashboad, and in the upper right corner click the
Log in to your Gmail at
Click the gear icon in the top-right, and select Settings.
When the box pops open, click "see all settings"
Click the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab which is at the top, fifth from the left
Click Create at New Filter.
In the pop-up window, enter the email address you want whitelisted in the From field.
the easy way is just to put in the "from" line. That's the only field you'll need.
Click Create filter.
When the next box pops up, scroll down and Check "Never send it to Spam".
Click Create filter.
That will get us out of the spam file. NOTE>> since we send via constant contact, you can also set up a filter for and hit never send to spam.

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