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The All-seeing Eye

Blog post by Jonathan Salinas

The truth is, there is close to 1 million humans being trafficked across international borders. We tend to live our comfortable lives never straying too far from the box called normalcy. Even though there is amazing organizations that are making a real impact on the sell and trade of humans, we are far from the mission of saving every little girl and little boy from being exploited and forced into sex slavery.

All Seeing Eye Photo

Almost 20,000 victims are trafficked into the US and to add salt to the wound The Human Trafficking Hotline reports Texas has the highest percent of human smuggling into United States from its borders. There is an all-seeing eye, but is there an all helping hand?

Can you make a difference?

Save a life. Save a child.

Jonathan Salinas, Writer/Editor/Blogger/Entrepreneur

Jonathan SalinasJonathan Salinas is a man of many talents as well as many goals. Working in Networking, Contracting, Real-estate he also finds time to work in Outreach Ministry. With owning programs like Spreading the Fire Ministryhes able to go out and help rehabilitate and motivate societies’s deemed outcast. Starting up the Keepers Of The Flame program he teaches those that need help in their daily walk with their faith.

One of his notable talents is his skills to write everything from songs, short stories, and speeches. Jonathan has helped business owners find success through multiple and profitable ideas.

As a business owner he understands the time and determination it takes to grow a small business into an empire and a start-up ministry into a world shaking cause. As a family man he understands the difficulties of what it takes to be a great husband and an awesome father. Starting his family life early with his Sunday school sweetheart at 17 and having a daughter and son early in life, he has felt the struggles and opportunities of a young parent.

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