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Augustus Invictus Speech and Others – Austin 1776 Freedom March

Texans United

The Austin 1776 Freedom March produced by Texans United for America was held in Austin, Texas July 1st, 2017 and celebrated the Declaration of Independence July 4th Weekend with attendees from across the country.  Rooftop observations report that 1,000 to 1,200 attended the march up Guadalupe Drive from Wooldrige Square (park) to 15th Street and up Congress to the Texas State Capitol.

Featured speakers were:
Agustus Invictus
“Based Stick Man” – Kyle Chapman
Outlaw Morgan
Joe “Rambo” Biggs
Joseph Offutt

Jeff Wix – “National Anthem” Singer

We were able to capture some of the speeches and activities at the rally attended by many patriot groups, concerned Americans, Trump supporters and veterans.

Agustus Invictus SpeechDelivered in the Spirit of 1776 

Kyle “Based Stick Man” Chapman

Outlaw Morgan and Joe “Rambo” Biggs at the Texas Capitol (some foul language)

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Jessica Friedrich, VP and Treasurer for Texans United for America

Jennilyn Salinas, Communications for Texans United for America and Leader for Latinos for Trump

CJ Grisham, Founder of Open Carry Texas

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